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How to download a video from YouTube?

To download a video from YouTube you can use a tool called

Copy a link of your YouTube video and paste it into the screen.

Click an arrow at the Download button and choose MP4 –1080p format.

It will take a couple minutes to convert the video from YouTube into MP4.

Your video from YouTube will be available when it shows 100% ready

How to create a Vimeo account?

1 - Go to
2 - Click “Join”.
3 - Create a username and password and enter your email.
4 - Confirm your email by following the instructions sent to your inbox.
5 – Upload your videos to your Vimeo account.

How to upload a video to Vimeo?

1 - Log in to your Vimeo account.
2 - Click on the New Video icon at the top right-hand side of the window, which can be found next to your user and notifications icon.

3 – Choose the option how you would like to upload your video
• Drag and drop
• Or choose your file through the navigation.
4 – Select your privacy option of how you like to show your video to others.

How to add your video from Vimeo to EQA-video?

1 – Copy a link of your video from Vimeo.
It is usually looks like this
You can find your Vimeo video link here

2 - Login into your EQA-video Admin account

3 - Open your EQA-video Admin Dashboard.

4 – Click at the right top button [+ NEW CHANNEL] to create a group of videos. We call it a Channel.

5 – Click (+) New Video button in your Channel where you’d like to add your video.

5 – Add a Title for your video.

6 – Add a Vimeo link of your video.

7 – Add a description for your video.