What is EQA
conversational video?

EQA-video is a system designed to convert videos into conversational information learning and training systems. The system allows users to assist each other share ideas and suggestions inside of “topical” videos, allowing them to ask questions, share comments, make notes, and other ways to learn and share with others more effectively. By using EQA-video, users can also store and search relating particular subjects in the video. Videos are “holding” places where comments, discussions, Q&As, and, in fact, any data, links, and information can be stored, searched, and retrieved at any time and from anywhere.

EQA-video offer
benefits for everybody

EQA-video learning and information videos are designed to make learning and sharing more effective for everybody. Sharing information with videos has become a normal and effective tool for most people. The EQA-video system will provide “easy-to-use” approaches to develop learning and sharing videos that are needed in today’s “information everywhere” world.

Training employees, associates, and customers

For our company clients, employees, associates, and customers can communicate with each other interactively. Teams will be able to be involved in Q&As, and other data exchanges at specific locations in each video. In essence, the teams will be able to share and discuss wherever and whenever they want. In short, the EQA-videos will be available at any time and anywhere as information databases and learning systems. They can ask questions, receive answers, make comments, and share information interactively. Teams can be trained on better ways to run their projects and departments. Associates and customers can be better served. All involved will benefit in more effective ways using conversational video.

How conversational video can help you?

Eqa-video.com helps companies to use videos in more effective ways for individual and group training purposes. We help by taking existing videos and converting them into an interactive and conversational “learning” systems.

Our approach helps employees, groups, and departments become better informed and more effective. We don’t make videos. We make them effective learning and training systems. We do this by making videos conversational and interactive. In essence users “connecting” with videos to learn faster and efficiently.

Employee training and learning

How training videos, for current positions or for new positions, can be made more interactive and conversational?

  • Users can learn how to “talk to” or communicate with videos;
  • Users can make comments or search for help, ask questions, seek answers, etc. or pause the videos for any reasons to help learn;
  • Users can seek help by sending videos to others who can help in the learning and training process;
  • In short, videos can be made into individual learning and training systems.
Group and department training and learning

Employees in the group or department can help each other by jointly participating with conversational videos:

  • Each member can share ideas and suggestions with others as they work together.
  • They can work from home or independently as they work with each other remotely.
  • The team can use videos to make it feel like they are all working together at any time and anywhere.
  • Using conversational video can take advantage of many conversational tools such as Zoom and Slack.
  • There are no better ways to ‘fine tune” and improve ways members of teams work together.